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7 Hacks to book COVID vaccine slots faster

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Indian government started vaccination drive on 16 January 2021. As of 01 May 2021, 21,60,46,638 citizens has received at least one dose of vaccine and there's a huge rush to book vaccine slot. One can visit CoWIN portal and register for vaccination. There's a huge shortage of vaccines in the country and everyone is keeping a keen eye on the availability of the slots.
To save your time and effort and help you to book vaccine slots as fast as possible we present our list of hacks, do's, and don't's to book your vaccine slots quickly.

1. Use APIs -

We understand that most of the population does not know how to write an API code to check vaccine availability and get notifications likewise. So, instead of writing code and developing the program, head to the below-listed websites. These websites are really time-savor and we compared the time taken to deliver notifications with our build API program and there's a negligible time difference.

How to use the vaccine API websites?
1. Click on any of the below-listed websites and make sure to have active WhatsApp, Telegram, Email account. We recommend to use smartphones rather than desktop devices for better experience.
⦿ Telegram alerts for vaccination slots in India (Above 45)
⦿ Telegram alerts for vaccination slots in India (Under 45)
⦿ VaccinateMe | Get Notified When Vaccinations Are Available (All age groups)
⦿ GetJab.in
2. Once the page is completely loaded, Enter/Select your desired district or you can even enter PINCODE.
3. Select the age group you wish to go for, one can even select all age groups and hit Continue/Next. Also fill extra details required by respective websites
4. Now select the medium through which you want to get repeated notifications.
⦿ For Above45.in and Under45.in : Telegram notifications only
⦿ For VaccinateMe.in : WhatsApp or Simple SMS notifications
⦿ For GetJab.in : Email or Simple SMS notifications

That's it, now sit back and relax, you'll get repeated notifications once the slots are available in your city/district.

2. Official MyGov Corona Helpdesk -

Visit Official MyGov Corona Helpdesk (WhatsApp). Now you can text any message such as Hi, Hello, etc. and it will pop up an in-depth helpline and safety message on WhatsApp. You can also type "Menu" and the chat will show a variety of options to select from. Enter 1, 2, 3,...8 as per your need. To directly check vaccine availability just enter your PINCODE (e.g, 400001) and the chatbot will display the available slots with type of vaccine available. This method is very useful for devices with slow internet connections.

3. Avoid visiting multiple pages -

It is noted that generally, citizens are first visiting CoWIN portal and after that following the steps to go login to their account once registered. Stop that! Instead of visiting multiple pages and following multiple steps, straightly visit www.selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/ and save your time and data to login to your CoWIN account. Although, if you're a first-time user and registering for the very first time, follow the complete procedure.

4. Change notification sound -

Since we're now using specific APIs and websites, you must set different notification sound for your Apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Gmail. We get loads of notifications these days and hence it is necessary to segregate our Important Notifications. Use a more alarming tone for these notifications. This will improve the efficiency much better.

5. Use CoWIN Website over App -

This might sound a bit obnoxious to some people but the mobile application's server is a bit slow as compared to the official CoWIN website. Also, the Aarogya Setu app and other similar apps crash after the update, and sometimes it takes time to log in. We highly recommend using the CoWIN portal.

6. Don't buy vaccine from any other sources -

Even in this crucial time, people are making a business out of the pandemic, please don't trust sources other than CoWIN, Aarogya Setu platforms. Those claiming to vaccinate without online registration and any document verification are usually fake. Report such platforms to the government's official handles or simply report them to the local police.

7. Use MapmyIndia -

Very few are aware of the MapmyIndia application built by the collective effort of ISRO & MapmyIndia. It offers India’s best indigenous maps, navigation & geospatial apps & services. The most unique feature of the app is that it can show the verified vaccination centers across your region and also various verified helplines. Go download the app from Playstore and Appstore now!

List.Sacnilk hopes you are staying healthy and safe


Q.1 When will the COVID pandemic end?
Ans. The answer to this question is debatable, although, the pandemic will convert to an endemic by May 2023 as per reports

Q.2 When will India vaccinate its 50% or above population?
Ans. As per government officials, they seek to vaccinate the 108 crores Indian population by December 2021 end. This also leads to weaker restrictions and the reopening of colleges, schools, offices, public places by January 2022.

Q.3 How many percentage of world is fully vaccinated?
Ans. 5.5% or a total of 4.4 million people have received both doses of the vaccine.


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