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Introduction Of HTML Comments?

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HTML comments are used to add notes, explanations, or documentation to an HTML document. They are not displayed on the web page and are only visible when viewing the source code of the page. They are used to help developers understand the structure and purpose of the code and to make it easier to maintain and update the code.

HTML comments are added to an HTML document using the <!-- and --> tags. Anything between these tags is considered a comment and will be ignored by the browser when rendering the web page.

Here is an example of an HTML comment:

<!-- This is an example of an HTML comment -->

This line of code will not be displayed on the web page.

It's important to use comments correctly and consistently to ensure that the code is easy to understand and maintain. Comments should be added to explain the purpose of the code and to provide information about how the code works. Additionally, it's recommended to use comments to indicate the author, date of last modification, or any other important information that might help other developers to understand the code better.

It's also important to keep comments up-to-date and to remove unnecessary comments to make the code more clean and readable, as well as to make it less verbose. Comments are a great tool to make the code more readable and maintainable and should be used with care and attention.

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