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List Of All Amy Poehler TV Shows

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Here is the list of all Amy Poehler tv shows.

Amy Poehler is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Born on September 16, 1971, in Newton, Massachusetts, Poehler's comedic genius and infectious energy have made her one of the most beloved figures in comedy.

Poehler began her career in improvisational comedy, becoming a member of the esteemed improv troupe, The Second City, in Chicago. She later joined the cast of the improvisational sketch comedy show "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) in 2001. During her tenure on SNL, Poehler showcased her incredible comedic timing and versatility, earning her widespread acclaim and recognition.

Her most notable SNL characters include her portrayal of Hillary Clinton, co-hosting the "Weekend Update" segment, and her collaboration with Tina Fey in numerous sketches. Poehler's contributions to SNL earned her several Primetime Emmy Award nominations and solidified her status as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

Following her success on SNL, Poehler co-created and starred in the hit comedy series "Parks and Recreation" (2009-2015). Her portrayal of Leslie Knope, a passionate and determined public servant, earned her critical acclaim, a Golden Globe Award, and multiple Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Poehler's performance in the show showcased her impeccable comedic timing, lovable charm, and ability to bring genuine heart to her characters.

In addition to her acting career, Poehler is also a talented writer, producer, and director. She co-founded the online comedy platform, "Smart Girls at the Party," aimed at empowering young girls and encouraging their creativity and self-expression. Poehler has also directed episodes of popular television shows and made her feature film directorial debut with the movie "Wine Country" in 2019.

Poehler's work extends beyond the screen, as she is also an advocate for various causes, including gender equality and environmental conservation. Her dedication to philanthropy and her ability to use her platform for positive change further solidify her status as a role model and influential figure.

Amy Poehler's wit, charm, and comedic brilliance have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. Her ability to bring joy and laughter to audiences, coupled with her commitment to empowering others, has established her as a true icon. Whether she's making people laugh on screen or using her influence for social good, Poehler's impact continues to resonate, and her legacy as a talented entertainer and advocate will undoubtedly endure.

List of all Amy Poehler tv shows

Year Title Role Notes
1996 Escape from It's a Wonderful Life Mary Hatch Voice
Television special
1997 Apartment 2F Amy 2 episodes
1998 Spin City Susan Episode: "Single White Male"
1998 Late Night with Conan O'Brien Stacy Richter / Various roles Weekly segment
1998–2000 Upright Citizens Brigade Colby / Various roles 30 episodes
2000 ShortCuts Pretty Lady 1 episode
2001 North Hollywood Pilot
2001–2008 Saturday Night Live Various roles 142 episodes
2001 Late Friday 1 episode
2001–2002 Undeclared Hillary 3 episodes
2003 Sick in the Head Pilot
2004 Soundtracks Live Ginny Baker Pilot
2004–2005 Arrested Development Wife of Gob 5 episodes
2005 SpongeBob SquarePants Gramma Voice
Episode: "Have You Seen This Snail?"
2005 ASSSSCAT Improv Various roles Television special
2005, 2014 The Simpsons Jenda Voice
3 episodes
2006 O'Grady Wendy Voice
Episode: "Frenched"
2006 Wonder Showzen Miss Mary 2 episodes
2008–2009 Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday Herself 5 episodes
2008–2011 The Mighty B! Bessie Higgenbottom Voice
Main role
2009–2015, 2020 Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope 126 episodes
2010 Saturday Night Live Herself (host) Episode: "Amy Poehler/Katy Perry"
2010 Sesame Street Herself Episode: "The Camouflage Challenge"
2012 Napoleon Dynamite Misty Voice
Episode: "Thundercone"
2012 30 Rock Young Liz Lemon Episode: "Live from Studio 6H"
2012 Comedy Bang! Bang! Herself Episode: "Amy Poehler Wears A Black Jacket & Grey Pants"
2012 Louie Debbie Episode: "New Year's Eve"
2013 70th Golden Globe Awards Herself (co-host) Television special
2013 The Greatest Event in Television History Jennifer Hart Episode: "Hart to Hart"
2014 71st Golden Globe Awards Herself (co-host) Television special
2014 Broad City Cheryl Episode: "The Last Supper"
2014–2015 Welcome to Sweden Amy Poehler 8 episodes
2014–2015 The Awesomes Jaclyn Stone Voice
9 episodes
2014–2015 Kroll Show Winnie 3 episodes
2015 72nd Golden Globe Awards Herself (co-host) Television special
2015 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp Susie 7 episodes
2015 Saturday Night Live Herself (co-host) Episode: "Tina Fey & Amy Poehler/Bruce Springsteen"
2015–2017 The UCB Show Herself (host) 16 episodes
2016 Maya & Marty Herself Episode: "Will Forte, Amy Poehler and Jerry Seinfeld"
2016 Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe Herself Television special
2017 Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Susie 6 episodes
2017 Difficult People Flute Episode: "The Silkwood"
2018–2021 Making It Herself (co-host) 22 episodes
2020–2022 Duncanville Duncan Harris / Annie Harris / Herself Voice
2021 78th Golden Globe Awards Herself (co-host) Television special
2022 Norman Lear: 100 Years of Music & Laughter Herself Television special
2023 Saturday Night Live Herself (guest) / Leslie Knope Episode: "Aubrey Plaza/Sam Smith"

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