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List Of All Ashley Judd TV Shows

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Here is the list of all Ashley Judd tv shows.

Ashley Judd is an American actress and activist known for her powerful performances in film and her passionate advocacy for social and humanitarian causes. Born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, California, Judd has left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry and beyond.

Judd's acting career took off in the 1990s with notable roles in films such as "Ruby in Paradise" (1993) and "Heat" (1995). She gained widespread acclaim for her performances in movies like "Kiss the Girls" (1997) and "Double Jeopardy" (1999), where she demonstrated her range as an actress, portraying both vulnerable and resilient characters. Judd's ability to bring depth and authenticity to her roles captivated audiences and earned her critical praise.

Beyond her film career, Judd is a committed activist, using her platform to speak out on various social and humanitarian issues. She has been a vocal advocate for women's rights, reproductive health, and gender equality. Judd has also been actively involved in global humanitarian work, focusing on issues such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, and human trafficking. Her dedication to social justice has earned her recognition and respect as a tireless champion for change.

Judd's advocacy work extends beyond her public persona. She has served as a Global Ambassador for YouthAIDS, a program of Population Services International, and has worked with organizations such as UNFPA and Women for Women International. Judd's commitment to making a positive impact in the world reflects her compassion, intelligence, and determination to create a better future.

In addition to her activism, Judd is also an accomplished author. She has written memoirs, including "All That Is Bitter and Sweet" (2011), in which she candidly shares her personal experiences and explores the intersection of her personal journey with her activism.

Ashley Judd's talent as an actress, coupled with her unwavering dedication to social justice, has made her a respected and influential figure. Her ability to use her platform to shed light on important issues and fight for meaningful change sets her apart as more than just an actress. Judd's legacy as a talented performer and compassionate advocate will continue to inspire and make a lasting impact on society.

List of all Ashley Judd tv shows

Year Title Role Notes
1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation Ensign Robin Lefler Episodes: "Darmok", "The Game"
1991–1994 Sisters Reed Halsey Recurring role (season 2–4), 32 episodes
1994 Naomi & Wynonna: Love Can Build a Bridge Herself Television film; Voice role
Space Ghost Coast to Coast Herself Episode: "Elevator"
1996 Norma Jean & Marilyn Norma Jean Television film
2012 Missing Becca Winstone Main role
2013 Call Me Crazy: A Five Film Unknown Directed "Maggie" segment
2017 Twin Peaks Beverly Paige 4 episodes
2017–2019 Berlin Station B.B. Yates Main role (season 2); Recurring role (season 3)
2022 Naomi Judd: A River of Time Celebration Herself Naomi's memorial

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