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List Of All Bollywood Movies Releasing In March 2024 In Indian Theaters (Box Office Collection)

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March 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting month for Bollywood enthusiasts with the release of three eagerly awaited films, each featuring some of the industry's biggest stars. "Laapataa Ladies" promises a refreshing narrative, likely focusing on a captivating story that explores the lives and adventures of women in a contemporary setting, offering audiences a blend of humor, drama, and empowerment.

Ajay Devgan returns to the big screen with "Shaitaan," a film that, given Devgan's track record, is expected to deliver a gripping storyline, powerful performances, and perhaps a thrilling exploration of the darker aspects of human nature. Known for his versatility, Devgan's involvement suggests that audiences can anticipate a cinematic experience filled with intensity and intrigue.

Sidharth Malhotra's "Yodha" is also on the horizon, building significant anticipation among fans. Malhotra, known for his dynamic roles and charismatic screen presence, is likely to bring his A-game to this project, which promises to be an action-packed film with high-stakes drama and compelling storytelling, showcasing his prowess as a leading man in Bollywood.

Together, these releases offer a rich tapestry of narratives that cater to a broad spectrum of audience interests, from thrilling action and psychological depth to light-hearted yet meaningful explorations of life. March 2024 is set to be a banner month for Bollywood, highlighting the industry's diverse talent and storytelling capabilities.

List Of All Bollywood Movies Releasing In March 2024 In Indian Theaters (Box Office Collection)

MovieWorldwideIndia NetIndia GrossOverseasReleased Date
Laapataa Ladies - - - - 01 Mar 2024
Kaagaz 2 - - - - 01 Mar 2024
Shaitaan - - - - 08 Mar 2024
Yodha - - - - 15 Mar 2024
Mr. And Mrs. Mahi - - - - 15 Mar 2024
Bastar - - - - 15 Mar 2024
The Crew - - - - 29 Mar 2024
Metro... In Dino - - - - 29 Mar 2024
Munjhya - - - - 29 Mar 2024

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