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List Of All Charlie Sheen TV Shows

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Here is the list of all Charlie Sheen tv shows.

Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estévez on September 3, 1965, in New York City, is an American actor known for his talent, troubled personal life, and highly publicized controversies. He comes from a family of actors, with his father Martin Sheen, and brother Emilio Estevez also being well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

Sheen gained significant recognition for his roles in films such as "Platoon," "Wall Street," and "Major League." His performances showcased his ability to portray charismatic and often rebellious characters with a magnetic screen presence. Sheen's career reached new heights when he starred as the womanizing bachelor Charlie Harper in the popular sitcom "Two and a Half Men," for which he earned several Golden Globe Award nominations.

However, Sheen's personal life has been marked by struggles and controversies. His battles with substance abuse, tumultuous relationships, and highly publicized incidents created significant media attention. In 2011, his erratic behavior and public rants led to his departure from "Two and a Half Men" and a subsequent public meltdown, during which he coined the phrase "winning" and became a tabloid fixture.

Despite the controversies, Charlie Sheen's talent and on-screen charisma cannot be denied. He has demonstrated his acting abilities in both comedic and dramatic roles, captivating audiences with his unique charm and undeniable presence. Sheen's performances have left an indelible mark on popular culture and cemented his status as a recognizable figure in Hollywood.

In recent years, Sheen has focused on rebuilding his personal life and career. He has made sporadic appearances on television and in films, including a guest role on the sitcom "Anger Management" and a cameo in the film "Machete Kills." While his past controversies have overshadowed some of his accomplishments, Charlie Sheen remains an enigmatic figure in the entertainment industry, with a complex and multifaceted legacy.

List of all Charlie Sheen tv shows

Year Film Role Notes
1985 Out of the Darkness Man shaving Television film
1986 Amazing Stories: Book Three Casey Episode: "No Day at the Beach"
1992 Beyond the Law Daniel "Dan" Saxon Television film
1994 Charlie Sheen's Stunts Spectacular Himself (host) Television documentary
1996 Friends Ryan Episode: "The One with the Chicken Pox"
1999 Sugar Hill Matt Episode: "Pilot"
2000–2002 Spin City Charlie Crawford 45 episodes
2001 Saturday Night Live Himself (host) Episode: "Charlie Sheen/Nelly Furtado"
2003–2011 Two and a Half Men Charlie Harper 177 episodes
2006 Overhaulin' Himself Episode: "LeMama's Boy"
2008 The Big Bang Theory Episode: "The Griffin Equivalency"
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Uncredited
Episode: "Two and a Half Deaths"
2010 Family Guy Himself (voice) Episode: "Brian Griffin's House of Payne"
2011 Comedy Central Roast Himself (roastee) Television special
2012–2014 Anger Management Charlie Goodson 100 episodes
2015 The Goldbergs Garth Volbeck Episode: "Barry Goldberg's Day Off"
2017 Typical Rick Broken Family Producer/Mental Clerk Two episodes
2023 How to Be a Bookie TBA Upcoming

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