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List Of All Hattie McDaniel Movies

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Here is the list of all Hattie McDaniel movies.

Hattie McDaniel was an American actress, singer, and comedian who made history as the first African American to win an Academy Award. Born on June 10, 1895, in Wichita, Kansas, McDaniel began her career as a performer in the early 20th century and achieved significant success despite the racial barriers and discrimination of the time.

McDaniel's most iconic role came in 1939 when she portrayed Mammy, a housemaid, in the film "Gone with the Wind." Her powerful performance garnered critical acclaim and earned her the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, marking a groundbreaking moment in Hollywood history. McDaniel's win was significant as it recognized her talent and paved the way for future African American actors and actresses.

Throughout her career, McDaniel played various roles, often portraying maids or domestics due to the limited opportunities available to black actors at the time. While some criticized her for perpetuating stereotypes, McDaniel's performances were lauded for their depth and authenticity. She brought dignity, strength, and humanity to her characters, challenging the limitations imposed upon her by the industry.

In addition to her acting career, McDaniel was also a talented singer and recorded several albums showcasing her vocal prowess. She performed on radio shows and had a successful career as a live performer, earning recognition for her blues and jazz-infused singing style.

McDaniel's achievements extended beyond her entertainment career. She was actively involved in civil rights causes and used her platform to advocate for racial equality and social justice. She participated in various organizations and events aimed at challenging racial discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for African Americans in the entertainment industry and society at large.

Hattie McDaniel's impact on the entertainment industry and African American representation cannot be overstated. Her groundbreaking Academy Award win opened doors for future generations of black performers and helped to pave the way for greater diversity in film and television. Her talent, resilience, and commitment to advancing civil rights continue to inspire and serve as a reminder of the enduring legacy she left behind.

List of all Hattie McDaniel movies

Year Title Role Notes
1932 Love Bound
1932 Impatient Maiden Injured Patient uncredited
1932 Are You Listening? Aunt Fatima - Singer uncredited
1932 The Washington Masquerade Maid uncredited
1932 The Boiling Point Caroline the Cook uncredited
1932 Crooner Maid in Ladies' Room uncredited
1932 Blonde Venus Cora, Helen's Maid in New Orleans uncredited
1932 The Golden West Mammy Lou uncredited
1932 Hypnotized Powder Room Attendant uncredited
1933 Hello, Sister Woman in Apartment House uncredited
1933 I'm No Angel Tira's Maid-Manicurist uncredited
1933 Goodbye Love Edna the Maid uncredited
1934 Merry Wives of Reno Bunny's Maid uncredited
1934 City Park Tessie - the Ransome Maid uncredited
1934 Operator 13 Annie uncredited
1934 King Kelly of the U.S.A. Black Narcissus Mop Buyer uncredited
1934 Judge Priest Aunt Dilsey
1934 Imitation of Life Woman at Funeral uncredited
1934 Flirtation Minor Role uncredited
1934 Lost in the Stratosphere Ida Johnson
1934 Babbitt Rosalie, the Maid uncredited
1934 Little Men Asia uncredited
1935 The Little Colonel Mom Beck
1935 Transient Lady Servant uncredited
1935 Traveling Saleslady Martha Smith uncredited
1935 China Seas Isabel McCarthy, Dolly's Maid uncredited
1935 Alice Adams Malena Burns
1935 Harmony Lane Liza, the Cook uncredited
1935 Murder by Television Isabella - the Cook
1935 Music Is Magic Hattie
1935 Another Face Nellie - Sheila's Maid uncredited
1935 We're Only Human Molly, Martin's Maid uncredited
1936 Next Time We Love Hanna uncredited
1936 The First Baby Dora
1936 The Singing Kid Maid uncredited
1936 Gentle Julia Kitty Silvers
1936 Show Boat Queenie
1936 High Tension Hattie
1936 The Bride Walks Out Mamie - Carolyn's Maid
1936 Postal Inspector Deborah uncredited
1936 Star for a Night Hattie
1936 Valiant Is the Word for Carrie Ellen Belle
1936 Libeled Lady Maid in Grand Plaza Hall uncredited
1936 Can This Be Dixie? Lizzie
1936 Reunion Sadie
1937 Racing Lady Abby
1937 Don't Tell the Wife Mamie, Nancy's Maid uncredited
1937 The Crime Nobody Saw Ambrosia
1937 The Wildcatter Pearl uncredited
1937 Saratoga Rosetta
1937 Stella Dallas Maid
1937 Sky Racket Jenny
1937 Over the Goal Hannah
1937 Merry Go Round of 1938 Maid uncredited
1937 Nothing Sacred Mrs. Walker uncredited
1937 45 Fathers Beulah
1937 Quick Money Hattie uncredited
1937 True Confession Ella
1937 Mississippi Moods
1938 Battle of Broadway Agatha
1938 Vivacious Lady Hattie - Maid at Prom Dance uncredited
1938 The Shopworn Angel Martha
1938 Carefree Hattie uncredited
1938 The Mad Miss Manton Hilda
1938 The Shining Hour Belvedere
1939 Everybody's Baby Hattie
1939 Zenobia Dehlia
1939 Gone with the Wind Mammy - House Servant
1940 Maryland Aunt Carrie
1941 The Great Lie Violet
1941 Affectionately Yours Cynthia
1941 They Died with Their Boots On Callie
1942 The Male Animal Cleota
1942 In This Our Life Minerva Clay
1942 George Washington Slept Here Hester, the Fullers' Maid
1943 Johnny Come Lately Aida
1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars Gossip in 'Ice Cold Katie' Number
1944 Since You Went Away Fidelia
1944 Janie April - Conway's Maid
1944 Three Is a Family Maid
1944 Hi, Beautiful Millie
1946 Janie Gets Married April
1946 Margie Cynthia
1946 Never Say Goodbye Cozie
1946 Song of the South Aunt Tempy
1947 The Flame Celia
1948 Mickey Bertha
1948 Family Honeymoon Phyllis
1949 The Big Wheel Minnie

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