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List Of All Hugo Weaving TV Shows

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Here is the list of all Hugo Weaving tv shows.

Hugo Weaving is a highly acclaimed Australian actor known for his diverse range of roles in film, theater, and television. Born on April 4, 1960, in Nigeria, Weaving grew up in Australia and developed a passion for acting at an early age. With his distinctive voice and commanding presence, he has become a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry.

Weaving gained international recognition for his portrayal of Agent Smith in "The Matrix" trilogy (1999-2003), directed by the Wachowski siblings. His chilling performance as the enigmatic antagonist showcased his ability to bring depth and intensity to a character. Weaving's work in "The Matrix" franchise propelled him into the global spotlight and cemented his status as a talented actor.

Aside from "The Matrix," Weaving has had a prolific career in both mainstream and independent films. He portrayed the iconic character of Elrond in Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy (2001-2003) and reprised the role in "The Hobbit" trilogy (2012-2014). Weaving's portrayal of Elrond showcased his versatility as an actor, seamlessly transitioning from science fiction to fantasy.

In addition to his film work, Weaving has a strong presence in the theater world. He has performed in various stage productions, including the critically acclaimed play "Hedda Gabler" and the Sydney Theatre Company's production of "Uncle Vanya." Weaving's talent on stage has garnered him accolades and further solidified his reputation as a respected actor.

With his diverse body of work, Weaving has proven his ability to tackle a wide range of roles, from villainous characters to morally complex figures. His performances are characterized by their intensity, emotional depth, and attention to detail. Weaving's dedication to his craft and his ability to fully immerse himself in his characters have earned him the admiration of both audiences and critics alike.

In summary, Hugo Weaving is a highly accomplished Australian actor known for his memorable performances in films like "The Matrix" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. With his versatile talent, commanding presence, and dedication to his craft, Weaving continues to captivate audiences with his diverse range of roles in film, theater, and television.

List of all Hugo Weaving tv shows

Year Title Role Notes
1984 Bodyline Douglas Jardine 7 episodes
1987 Frontier Governor Arthur 3 episodes
1988 Melba Charles Armstrong 6 episodes
The Dirtwater Dynasty Richard Eastwick 5 episodes
Dadah Is Death Geoffrey Chambers Television film
1989 Bangkok Hilton Richard Carlisle 3 episodes
1993 Seven Deadly Sins Lust Episode: "Lust"
1995 Bordertown Kenneth Pearson 10 episodes
1996 The Bite Jack Shannon 2 episodes
Naked: Stories of Men Martin Furlong Episode: "Coral Island"
1997 Halifax f.p. Det. Sgt. Tom Hurkos Episode: "Isn't It Romantic"
2003 After the Deluge Martin Kirby Television film
2010 Rake Prof Graham Murray Episode: "R vs Murray"
I, Spry Narrator Documentary
2017 Seven Types of Ambiguity Dr Alex Klima 5 episodes
2018 Patrick Melrose David Melrose
2021 Mr. Corman Artie Corman Episode: "Mr. Corman"
2021-23 Love Me Glen 12 episodes
2023 Koala Man King Emudeus Episode: "Emu War II"
TBA Slow Horses TBA Season 4

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