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List Of All Madhu Guruswamy Movies

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Here is the list of all Madhu Guruswamy movies.

Madhu Guruswamy, the Indian actor, is known for his work in the Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil film industries. He began his career in the entertainment industry after receiving acting lessons at Abhinaya Tharanga and spending several years in theater. Madhu Guruswamy initially gained popularity through his performances in stage shows and later transitioned to the world of cinema.

His debut film was "Deadly-2," where he not only showcased his acting skills but also worked as an assistant director. One of his notable works that contributed to his recognition is the film "Bajrangi." Madhu Guruswamy's journey from theater to cinema reflects his passion for acting and his commitment to honing his craft in multiple languages within the Indian film industry. For the latest and more detailed information, it is advisable to check recent sources and updates on Madhu Guruswamy's career.

List of all Madhu Guruswamy movies

Year Film Role Notes
2010 Deadly-2 Kencha Also Assistant Director
2012 Chingari Vinesh Malhotra
2012 Jaanu Sangamesh
2013 Bhajarangi Manthravadhi
2015 Vajrakaya Hujoor Nominated for IIFA Festival 2015 Awards for Best Performance in a Villain Role
2016 Jai Maruti 800 Veerappa
2017 Mufti Singa
2018 Saakshyam Guruswami Telugu film

2023 Pathu Thala Singa Tamil film
2023 Salaar

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