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List Of All Ruhani Sharma Movies

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Here is the list of all Ruhani Sharma movies.

Ruhani Sharma is a talented Indian actress and model, renowned for her compelling performances primarily in the Telugu film industry. She embarked on her acting journey with the Tamil film "Kadaisi Bench Karthi" in 2017, swiftly making a mark with her lead role in the Telugu debut "Chi La Sow" in 2018, a performance that garnered widespread acclaim. Sharma's career trajectory took a versatile turn as she delved into diverse roles in films like "HIT: The First Case" (2020) and "Nootokka Jillala Andagadu" (2021).

Before her cinematic debut, she was already a familiar face in Punjabi music videos, featuring in hits such as "Classroom" and "Kudi Tu Pataka" in 2013. Expanding her horizon, Sharma made her Malayalam film debut with "Kamala" in 2019 and ventured into Hindi cinema with "Agra" in 2023. Her ability to adapt to various characters and industries underscores her versatility and talent in the Indian film industry.

List of all Ruhani Sharma movies

Year Title Role Language Notes
2017 Kadaisi Bench Karthi Nithya Tamil Debut in Tamil cinema
2018 Chi La Sow Anjali Telugu Debut in Telugu cinema; SIIMA Best Debut Actress – nominated
2019 Kamala Kamala / Nidhi Agasthy Malayalam Debut in Malayalam cinema
2020 HIT: The First Case Neha Telugu
Dirty Hari Vasudha
2021 Nootokka Jillala Andagadu Anjali
2023 Her - Chapter 1 Archana
Agra Mala Hindi Debut in Hindi cinema
2024 Saindhav Dr. Renu Telugu
Operation Valentine Tanya Sharma Telugu
TBA Sri Ranga Neethulu TBA Filming

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