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List Of Governors-General Of Pakistan

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Here is the list of the Governors-General of Pakistan.

The Governor-General was the Emperor's representative in Pakistan and exercised most of the Emperor's powers. The Governor-General was appointed for an indefinite term, serving at the pleasure of the Emperor.

After the passage of the Westminster Act of 1931, the Governor-General was appointed solely on the advice of Pakistan's cabinet, without the involvement of the British government. In the event of a vacancy, the Chief Justice acted as the administrative officer of the government.

Check out the full list below.

Prime Minister Name Period Monarch
Muhammad Ali Jinnah 14 August 1947 to 11 September 1948 George VI
Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin 11 September 1948 to 17 October 1951 George VI
Sir Ghulam Muhammad 17 October 1951 to 7 August 1955 Elizabeth II
Iskander Mirza 7 August 1955 to 23 March 1956 Elizabeth II

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