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List Of Search Engines By Content and Topic

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Here is the list of search engines by content and topic.

Search engines including web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, web portals, and vertical market websites have search facilities for online databases.

Check out the full list below.

List of search engines by content and topic

Name Language Backend ownership
Ask.com Multilingual Google
Baidu Chinese Baidu
Dogpile English Metasearch engine
DuckDuckGo Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Ecosia Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Elasticsearch Multilingual Apache 2.0 until 2021, then Elasticsearch
Exalead Multilingual Cloudview
Excite† Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Gigablast English Apache License 2.0
Google Multilingual Google
HotBot English Microsoft Bing
Lycos Multilingual Microsoft Bing
MetaCrawler English Metasearch engine
Microsoft Bing Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Mojeek Multilingual Mojeek
Opensearch Multilingual Apache License 2.0 (Elasticsearch fork)
Petal Multilingual Huawei
Qwant Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Searx Multilingual Metasearch engine
Sogou Multilingual Tencent
Startpage English Google
Swisscows Multilingual Microsoft Bing
WebCrawler English Microsoft Bing
YaCy Multilingual GPL-2.0-or-later
Yahoo! Search† Multilingual Microsoft Bing
Yandex Multilingual Yandex
Youdao† Chinese NetErase
You.com English Microsoft Bing
Brave Search Multilingual Brave

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