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List Of Self-Employment Countries

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Here is the list of the percentage of self-employment County wise.

Colombia tops in terms of self-employment, with about 53.1 percent of Colombians being self-employed, the highest in the world. In this list, Brazil is second with 33.0 percent and Mexico is third in the list with 31.8 percent people.

Check out the full list below.

Colombia: 53.1%

Brazil: 33.0%

Mexico: 31.8%

Turkey: 30.2%

S Korea: 24.6%

Chile: 23.0%

Italy: 21.8%

Finland: 14.6%

France: 12.6%

Japan: 9.9%

Australia: 9.5%

Germany: 8.8%

Canada: 7.7%

US: 6.3%

Norway: 4.7%

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