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List Of The Top 10 Countries By Most Internet Users

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Here is the list of the top 10 countries with the most internet users.

The Internet is a global network of interconnected computers and devices that facilitates the sharing of information and communication. It allows individuals and organizations to access a vast array of resources, such as websites, emails, videos, and social media platforms. The Internet operates through a system of protocols, including TCP/IP, which enables data transmission and exchange.

It has transformed various aspects of human life, from education and business to entertainment and social interactions. The internet has revolutionized how people connect, collaborate, and access information, providing opportunities for innovation, economic growth, and cultural exchange. However, it also raises concerns regarding privacy, security, and the digital divide.

China tops the list as their 73.7 percent population is using the internet.

List of the top 10 countries with the most internet users

Country or area Subregion Region Internet users Pct Population
China Eastern Asia Asia 1,051,140,000 73.7% 1,425,893,465 2021
India Southern Asia Asia 836,860,000 59.5% 1,407,563,842 2022
United States Northern America Americas 307,200,000 91.2% 336,997,624 2022
Indonesia South-eastern Asia Asia 196,000,000 71.6% 273,753,191 2020
Brazil South America Americas 165,300,000 77.1% 214,326,223 2022
Nigeria Western Africa Africa 136,203,231 63.8% 213,401,323 2020
Pakistan Southern Asia Asia 130,000,000 60.8% 213,756,286 2022
Russia Eastern Europe Europe 129,800,000 89.5% 145,102,755 2022
Bangladesh Southern Asia Asia 126,210,000 75.9% 166,303,498 2022
Japan Eastern Asia Asia 117,400,000 94.2% 124,612,530 2021

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