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List Of Top 10 Countries With Total Olympic Medals

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Here is the list of the top 10 countries with total Olympic medals.

The Olympics, a revered global sporting event, epitomizes unity and excellence. Held every four years, athletes worldwide gather to compete in various sports, transcending borders and cultures. These Games promote international understanding and camaraderie, proving that sports can unite nations. They offer athletes a chance to shine, breaking records and inspiring generations.

With the lighting of the Olympic torch and the opening ceremony, the world anticipates a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and human achievement. It's a moment when the globe unites briefly to applaud the pinnacle of human athletic prowess, a testament to the shared spirit of humanity.

The United States tops the list with 2959 total medals in the Olympic games including 1174 gold medals (1061 in the Summer Olympic Games and 113 in the Winter Olympic Games).

List of the top 10 countries with total Olympic medals

1United States(USA)11749528332959
2Soviet Union(URS)4733763551204
4Great Britain(GBR)296323331950

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