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List Of Top 10 Largest Universities In The United States By Enrollment

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Here is the list of the top 10 universities in the US.

State University of New York System is the largest university in the united states with a total of 606,232 enrollments, And this university is located in New York.

The following is a list of the top ten largest institutions of higher education by Fall 2013 enrollment.

Check out the complete list below.

List of top 10 largest universities in the United States

# College Classification Location Enrollment
1.- State University of New York System Public New York 606,232
2.- California State University Public California 477,466
3.- University of Phoenix Private, For-profit Arizona 442,033
4.- University of California Public California 226,449
5.- University of North Carolina System Public North Carolina 222,322
6.- Ivy Tech Community College Public Indiana 175,313
7.- Ashford University Private, For-profit Iowa 169,843
8.- American Public University System Private, For-profit West Virginia 110,644
9.- Liberty University Private Virginia 110,000
10.- Miami Dade College Public Florida 100,855
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