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List Of Top 10 Oldest Metro Systems In The World

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Here is the list of the top 10 oldest metro systems in the world.

A metro system, often referred to as a subway, is a sophisticated urban transportation network designed to efficiently move people within densely populated cities. These systems typically consist of underground or elevated train lines, making them a convenient and reliable mode of transportation for daily commuters and tourists alike.

Metro systems are celebrated for their ability to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce pollution, and offer a quick and convenient means of getting around urban areas. They have become integral to the modern urban landscape, connecting neighborhoods, facilitating commerce, and contributing to the overall sustainability and livability of cities. With their rich history and continued expansion, metro systems remain vital components of urban infrastructure, enhancing the mobility and connectivity of the communities they serve.

List of the top 10 oldest metro systems in the world

City Year Opened
London 1863
Chicago 1892
Budapest 1896
Glasgow 1896
Paris 1900
Boston 1901
Berlin 1902
Athens 1904
New York City 1904
Philadelphia 1907

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