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List Of WWE SmackDown Women's Champions

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Here is the list of WWE SmackDown women's champions.

The WWE SmackDown Women's Championship is a women's professional wrestling world championship created and promoted by the American professional wrestling promotion WWE on the SmackDown brand. Unveiled on the August 23, 2016, episode of SmackDown, it was created as a title equivalent to the then-current WWE Women's Championship, which became exclusive to Raw as a result of the 2016 WWE Draft and was renamed the Raw Women's Championship Gone.

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List of WWE SmackDown women's champions

No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes
Date Event Location Reign Days Days recog.
WWE: SmackDown
1 Becky Lynch September 11, 2016 Backlash Richmond, VA 1 84 84 As a result of the 2016 WWE draft, the WWE Women's Championship became exclusive to Raw. In response, SmackDown established the SmackDown Women's Championship and Raw's title was subsequently renamed. Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Natalya, and Nikki Bella in a six-pack elimination challenge to become the inaugural champion.
2 Alexa Bliss December 4, 2016 TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs Dallas, TX 1 70 69 This was a tables match.
3 Naomi February 12, 2017 Elimination Chamber Phoenix, AZ 1 9 8
Vacated February 21, 2017 SmackDown Ontario, CA The championship was vacated when Naomi suffered a knee injury and was unable to defend the title within 30 days.
4 Alexa Bliss February 21, 2017 SmackDown Ontario, CA 2 40 40 Defeated Becky Lynch to win the vacant title.
5 Naomi April 2, 2017 WrestleMania 33 Orlando, FL 2 140 139 This was a six-pack challenge, also involving Becky Lynch, Carmella, Mickie James, and Natalya.
6 Natalya August 20, 2017 SummerSlam Brooklyn, NY 1 86 86
7 Charlotte Flair November 14, 2017 SmackDown Charlotte, NC 1 147 146
8 Carmella April 10, 2018 SmackDown New Orleans, LA 1 131 130 This was Carmella's Money in the Bank cash-in match.
This was the first time a women's title changed hands after a Money in the Bank contract cash-in.
9 Charlotte Flair August 19, 2018 SummerSlam Brooklyn, NY 2 28 27 This was a triple threat match, also involving Becky Lynch, who Flair pinned.
10 Becky Lynch September 16, 2018 Hell in a Cell San Antonio, TX 2 91 91
11 Asuka December 16, 2018 TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs San Jose, CA 1 100 99 This was a triple threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match, also involving Charlotte Flair.
12 Charlotte Flair March 26, 2019 SmackDown Uncasville, CT 3 13 12
13 Becky Lynch April 8, 2019 WrestleMania 35 East Rutherford, NJ 3 41 41 This was a winner takes all triple threat match for both the Raw Women's Championship and SmackDown Women's Championship, also involving Ronda Rousey, who defended the Raw Women's Championship. Lynch pinned Rousey to win both titles.
14 Charlotte Flair May 19, 2019 Money in the Bank Hartford, CT 4 <1 <1
15 Bayley May 19, 2019 Money in the Bank Hartford, CT 1 140 140 This was Bayley's Money in the Bank cash-in match.
16 Charlotte Flair October 6, 2019 Hell in a Cell Sacramento, CA 5 5 4
17 Bayley October 11, 2019 SmackDown Paradise, NV 2 380 379
18 Sasha Banks October 25, 2020 Hell in a Cell Orlando, FL 1 167 167 This was a Hell in a Cell match.
19 Bianca Belair April 10, 2021 WrestleMania 37
Night 1
Tampa, FL 1 133 132
20 Becky Lynch August 21, 2021 SummerSlam Paradise, NV 4 62 62 Bianca Belair was originally scheduled to defend the title against Sasha Banks; however, before the match began, it was announced that Banks was unable to compete for undisclosed reasons. Carmella was then announced as her new opponent, but Lynch made a surprise return from maternity leave, took out Carmella, and challenged Belair to an impromptu match that Belair accepted.
21 Charlotte Flair October 22, 2021 SmackDown Wichita, KS 6 198 198 As a result of the 2021 WWE Draft, then-Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair was drafted to SmackDown while Becky Lynch was drafted to Raw. To keep the titles on their respective brands, WWE official Sonya Deville had the two women exchange championships.
22 Ronda Rousey May 8, 2022 WrestleMania Backlash Providence, RI 1 55 55 This was an "I Quit" match.
23 Liv Morgan July 2, 2022 Money in the Bank Paradise, NV 1 98 97 This was Morgan's Money in the Bank cash-in match. Morgan was a member of the Raw roster prior to the cash-in. She was transferred to the SmackDown brand after winning the championship.
24 Ronda Rousey October 8, 2022 Extreme Rules Philadelphia, PA 2 41+ 41+ This was an Extreme Rules match.

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