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List of 10 fastest trains in the world.

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The train is a series of wagons that are connected to each other. It generally runs along a railroad and is used to transport passengers and other things from one place to another. Richard Trevithick invented the first train in the United Kingdom in 1804 and he was a British engineer born in Cornwall.

List of 10 fastest trains in the world according to their speed.:
Sr. No. Train Name Maximum Speed
1. Shanghai Maglev 430 km/hr
2. Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF 401 km/hr
3. Shinkansen H5 and E5 360 km/hr
4. The Itlo and Frecciarossa 354 km/hr
5. Renfe AVE 349 km/hr
6. Haramain Western Railway 348 km/hr
7. DeutscheBahn ICE 330 km/hr
8. Korail KTX 329 km/hr
9. Eurostar e320 and TGV 322 km/hr
10. Thalys 300 km/hr

⦿Did you know?

1. America’s first steam locomotive lost a race to a horse.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s assassination helped publicize train travel.

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Q.1 Which country has the fastest train in the world?
Ans. China.

Q.2 How fast is a bullet train expected to be in 2022?
Ans. 500 km/hr

Q.3 Which is the slowest train in the world?
Ans. Glacier Express.


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